Burlington Books

Dear Teacher,
We would like to welcome you back and wish you all the best for the new school year. 
This year we celebrate 30 years of publishing for Greece and Cyprus and we remain committed to providing you with top quality materials and services.
We are also continuing our battle against the photocopying of our books by third parties. Photocopying amounts to the theft of a publisher’s intellectual property and is a huge financial drain on Burlington Books. It also jeopardizes our efforts to maintain the excellent quality of our books and service to schools. For this reason, we have taken legal action against certain bookshops and centres that photocopy our books and will continue to do so.
We ask for your support in our fight against photocopying. You can assist us by reminding your students that it is illegal to photocopy copyrighted materials, and that photocopying is illegal even if the material is provided by the customer.
We believe that raising students' awareness of the illegality of photocopying books will help instill in them a respect for the books they use and for the people involved in their production and is an important part of their overall education.
We thank you in advance for your support and cooperation in this matter.
Best wishes for the new school year,
Christina Bakopoulou
Managing Director