Union Aims

E.K.A.D.E.V.E is the scientific Union of the English High School Teachers of Northern Greece, which was founded in 1975 and its head office is in Salonica.
It is a non-profit Union whose aim is:
1) the promotion and development of the English language teaching,
2) the scientific and educational research,
3) its contribution to the improvement of the Greek Educational System,
4) the submission of suggestions to the State and other bodies, which are in charge of dealing with problems that have to do with the members of the Union and the most fruitful organization of the educational institutions.

The fulfillment of the above aims is done in the following ways:
1) the publication of the Union's journal and other printed media in general,
2) the exchange of views and the cooperation with other Unions and foundations in Greece and abroad, which have the same aims,
3) the creation and organization of a library,
4) the organization of lectures, discussions, conferences, seminars as well as the attendance of similar events in Greece and abroad,
5) the function of committees which study scientific and educational issues,
6) in any other suitable and legal way